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Common pregnancy questions

Common Questions About Sex During Pregnancy

Should I have sex during pregnancy? Most women can have sex during pregnancy. As long as your pregnancy is low-risk and normal, then it should be completely safe for you to have sex during pregnancy. Situations that may require abstaining from sex while you are…

Pregnancy week by week

Pregnancy Week By Week

There are three stages of pregnancy. These are the first, second and third trimesters. The first trimester runs from week one to week fourteen, the second covers weeks 15 to 26, then the third is weeks 27 to 40. Here is what you can expect…

Pregnancy Posts
Pregnancy questions

Pregnancy Questions

Pregnancy Questions Answered No website on pregnancy would be comprehensive without addressing women’s most common pregnancy worries and concerns. In this page you will find a comprehensive overview of many of the most common pregnancy questions and concerns. Is it safe to take cold medicine…

Bleeding during pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy

If you find yourself bleeding or spotting during pregnancy, it’s more than understandable to feel scared and worried about what might be wrong. While there is no reason to panic over bleeding or spotting, these situations should still be taken very seriously during pregnancy. Any…