This is the week that you may start to feel your baby’s first tiny movements. If you haven’t felt a thing, don’t panic; it’s also possible that your baby is having a nice peaceful snooze and is feeling far too cosy to move yet. Babies usually move about at night when you’re resting; during the day they are rocked to sleep as you move about.

This is probably the week you’ll be offered your second ultra sound scan to check for anomalies. This scan is to make sure that everything is going as planned and that your baby is developing normally. It is your choice whether or not to have the scan, but who would want to miss the chance to get their first baby picture? Babies often aren’t very cooperative when posing. Be prepared for hands, feet and bottom first shots. Remember, now is the time to ask the radiographer something important if you absolutely have to know whether to use blue or pink paint in the nursery.

You have probably noticed that your appetite is increasing. Your baby may only be 14 cm in length and 7 oz in weight, but babies can be very demanding. Your energy will be zapped and chocolate will seem like the first thing to grab from your shelf. Just try to remember that what you are eating is what your baby is eating, and while it would be great to create a baby entirely from chocolate, it’s probably not the healthiest option. Try to eat little and often and swap sweeter snacks for healthier ones.

Your baby is now starting to form taste buds but unfortunately for them, amniotic fluid isn’t terribly tasty. They can bite their fingers, do somersaults and swing around like Tarzan with your umbilical cord. Now that sounds like lots of fun!