Pregnancy Information

The Beauty of Pregnancy
A woman’s body is a fascinating element of nature, never more so than when new life is growing inside. Pregnancy is an experience without comparison that only a mother who has felt life growing within her can fully comprehend.

Midlife Pregnancy
There are many reasons why women choose to wait until later in life to have children. They may want to further their education, establish a career and become financially stable before starting a family. Sometimes a second marriage can precipitate having children again. Empty nest syndrome can also leave parents wanting another child. Although fertility can be a problem for women as they get older some women find themselves conceiving more easily than expected.

Labor and Delivery
During the last month of pregnancy you may begin to experience a little more discomfort due to the position and movements of the baby. Sitting and rising can be more difficult. Sleeping may be more uncomfortable. There is more pressure on the bladder and strain on the back. Anxiety may be a little high too especially as the end of the ninth month approaches.

Pregnancy Facts
Some people will tell you that carrying a baby low means that it is a boy and that carrying high means it is a girl. This is not true. Most women carry differently depending on their fitness level as well as the size and position of the baby. One woman may carry differently during each pregnancy, even if her children are all the same gender.

Pregnancy: Sharing the News With Your Other Children
Don’t be surprised if your other children are not as excited about your pregnancy as you are. Some children find it very exciting, while others might find it a little bit scary. They may worry that Mom won’t love them as much or have as much time for them when the new baby comes.

Pregnany With Twins
When an expectant woman finds out she is going to have twins, it can be quite a surprise to say the least. Just thinking about dealing with two infants can be overwhelming.