Okay, so you’ve survived pregnancy and you have a baby…yet you feel like a blimp! The fact is, some women simply do not know how to go about taking off the excess pounds, especially when it seemed so fun putting them on but there is hope.

Starting Your Diet!

Beginning your quest to lose those added baby pounds might have to be put on hold for a little while. The best time to start losing weight after the birth of your baby is two to three months later. This gives your body the time to heal, time for your menstrual cycles to be regular again and you can start getting back to normal. It’s recommended that you speak to your doctor before starting any type of weight loss regimen and this is important, especially after the birth of your baby to make sure that you are healed.

Breastfeed or Bottle?

While it’s very healthy to breastfeed a baby, a nursing mother need extra nutrients and dieting may not be an option especially if you plan on following a diet with a limited food plan. The average new mom breastfeeds her new baby 850ml on a daily basis and for mom to produce enough for baby’s appetite it’s recommended that mom should eat 500 calories daily during lactation. Even though breastfeeding requires extra nutrients, it also requires healthy food choices for both mom and baby.

Healthy Food Choices

Just like when you were pregnant, it’s still important to eat healthy for baby if your breastfeeding or not. Whether you are breast-feeding or not, you should eat the following foods to maintain health and support weight loss. Developing a healthy diet before leaping into exercise is key, taking it one step at a time and focusing on slow but steady weight loss.

  • Energy increasing foods containing starch like bread, potatoes, rice or pasta.
  • Eat lots of protein like lean meats, chicken, fish, beans, eggs and lentils.
  • Leafy green vegetable and lots of fresh fruits.
  • Calcium rich milk, yogurt and cheeses.
  • Fiber is important and can be added in the form of corn, whole grain breads, beans, apples, pears, oats and figs.
  • Every mom needs lots of fiber to reduce constipation usually and the foods above are well balanced, providing the basis of a good weight loss plan. Moms who choose to breastfeed should keep tabs on what’s eaten in any given day just in case your baby has any food allergens and avoid products with caffeine.


Some people find it hard to begin exercising and others easier, it’s important to start off easy. Even though you believe that your body may be healed, it may not be and starting off with vigorous exercise can be harmful. Some women do begin exercising with a couple of weeks after the baby’s birth and there’s nothing wrong with a little walking or some mild activities, if you feel like doing it. Gradually build up, increasing your exercise time and your exercise routine week by week. Once you slide into your new routine, you probably find that you not only feel better physically but mentally as well. That’s when you know you are on the right path.

Tips to Keep You Going…

Not all women have problems starting; it’s usually the fight to keep going that causes moms to struggle and muster up the courage to continue. Here are some tips to help you stay on the right track.

  • Find support! Exercise with someone, join a support group, keep a diary and keep a journal complete with your meal plans, your weight, your weight goals and your feelings.
  • Post your goals! Make sure that you post your goals in a visible area to keep you motivated, a picture of your previous self, a pair of jeans hanging up, a picture of an outfit you want to purchase, a list of written goals and if you really need some motivation…hang up a not so pretty picture of yourself.
  • Make a schedule and stick to it! If you plan to walk on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but it’s raining…exercise doing something else. Don’t let anything get in your way and when you plan a schedule, you’re more likely to work it into a routine.
  • Don’t starve yourself! If you really want a piece of chocolate cake one day, write it down in your diet journal with a big “hooray” beside it and enjoy it. Reward yourself sometimes but make sure to keep up the exercise and don’t go overboard all the time.

Dieting can be easy when approached with some knowledge and a healthy attitude. The weight will take some time to melt away but it’s worth the wait…you waited ten months for your baby! Don’t be discouraged if it takes ten months to get back to the you that you miss, stay focused and have fun. A little determination, support, motivation, education and a smart plan can take you to exactly where you want to be, a thinner mom!