Your Baby

The fourth month of pregnancy marks the beginning of the second trimester. During the fourth month, your baby’s teeth will finish forming and there may even be hair growing on your baby’s head. Your baby is actively kicking and swallowing, and will begin to have periods of waking and sleeping. By the end of the fourth month, your baby will be between six and ten inches long and can weigh more than four ounces.

Your Body

A lot of women say that the second trimester is the most enjoyable one. Many women begin feeling more energetic around the fourth month of pregnancy. This is a good time to begin preparing for your baby’s arrival, since some women become more fatigued in the last three months of pregnancy. Some women feel less pressure on their bladder as the baby moves upward and outward, but many women still experience the need to urinate frequently. You may notice your breasts becoming larger. Now might be a good time to purchase a new, more comfortable bra. Nasal congestion and even nosebleeds are common after the first trimester. Feeling clumsy and forgetful is also common starting this month.

The best symptom of the fourth month of pregnancy may be feeling your baby move for the first time. Some women first feel this sensation toward the end of the fourth month, but many do not feel it until well into the fifth month. First fetal movements are often described as feeling like bubbles, tickling, or fluttering.

Your Emotions

Many women entering the second trimester of pregnancy are beginning to feel comfortable with their pregnancy. During the fourth month of pregnancy, however, you also may feel the common frustration of not being able to fit in your regular clothes but still not being the right shape for maternity wear. This feeling is shared by most pregnant women, and you will soon be able to fit into all those adorable maternity outfits. You may also be feeling excited if you have felt your baby move, or disappointed if you haven’t.