Your Baby

During the sixth month of pregnancy, your baby’s eyes, brain, and lungs are developing steadily. Fat deposits are forming to prepare your baby for life outside the womb. At the six month of pregnancy, your baby’s bones are becoming more solid. You may be able to feel more of your baby’s movement because of this. You may notice your baby moving and resting at regular intervals. Although your baby is resembling a newborn at the sixth month of pregnancy, it is still best for him or her to grow in the womb for a few more months. Babies born at this stage have a chance of survival if given optimum care by a specialized facility, but the uterus is still the best place for your baby at this time. At the end of the six month, your baby will be close to twelve inches long and will weigh between one and two pounds.

Your Body

You may be noticing your stomach getting steadily bigger starting at the sixth month of pregnancy. Your baby is growing rapidly, and you might be, too. Providing nourishment for yourself and for your little one means an increased appetite. Many women are feeling energetic during the sixth month of pregnancy, due to hormones and the fact that you still aren’t big enough to feel uncomfortable. Gaining between two to four pounds every month is normal beginning around the sixth month. With weight gain, you may notice stretch marks forming. Steadily increasing blood flow can cause nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and lightheadedness. Some women begin experiencing constipation and heartburn during the sixth month of pregnancy. You may begin to experience itchiness around your abdomen, which is normal at this time in your pregnancy.

Your Emotions

As your due date approaches, you may be experiencing excitement about the arrival of your baby. Since the sixth month of pregnancy is typically marked by a higher level of energy, this would be a good time to prepare for your little one. Getting the nursery ready and gathering all the baby supplies is fun and entertaining, and will give you something pleasant to do. Being forgetful and absentminded is still common at the sixth month of pregnancy. Try writing things in lists to keep them fresh in your mind. Even though you’ve probably accepted the thought of becoming a mother by the sixth month, it is still normal to feel doubt and anxiety about the arrival of your baby.