Pregnancy is dubbed as being one of the happiest times in your life because of the tiny baby that is growing inside you and becoming more and more dependent on you. However, the way that pregnancy makes you look and feel and the effect that the raging imbalance of hormones has on your body is enough to lead the mentally fittest into a bout of depression from time to time. Probably the most important thing to remember is that you are not alone. 10% of pregnant women become depressed and the key is to catch it early. Look for prolonged feelings of stress or anxiety and act accordingly to try and beat them.

Eating healthily is always a good way to combat stress, anxiety and depression and even if you aren’t pregnant a well-balanced, nutritional diet may just do the trick. Eating healthily is even more important when you are pregnant not only for your own health and well being but for baby’s too. Combine this healthy diet with plenty of rest and relaxation. However, rest and relaxation doesn’t mean no exercise. You don’t need to do anything more strenuous than a walk to get the blood pumping and the heart beating.

Buy clothes that will fit you but don’t feel you should restrict yourself to the first and most sensible item of clothing you see. Buy clothes that make you look and, more importantly, feel sexy in yourself. Really take the time to groom and pamper yourself. Your should do your hair and wear your make up whenever you are feeling the mental strain of the expanding waistline, even if you are spending the night at home on your own. Even if you find yourself wearing your partner’s clothes because they fit better, always accessorize to get the most out of everything you wear. Delicate and pretty earrings will make you feel the same way.

It may be a good idea to start a hobby too. This will take your mind off the boredom you may be feeling, because boredom is a common cause of depression and should be avoided at all costs. Gardening or card making are perfect hobbies for the pregnant mother. They don’t take too much energy but they are creative and take some thought. Anything will do although you should probably leave the kick boxing lessons until after you have given birth.

Get the balance between personal time and space and spending time with the father to be and the rest of the immediate family. Don’t forget once the baby is born it is unlikely you will get either time to yourself or time alone with your partner so make the most of both while you still can. Most importantly you should always try to feel good about brining a baby into the world and you should always feel good about yourself and about being a woman. Pregnancy can be difficult but by following these guidelines you should hopefully be able to avoid the pregnancy blues.