Pregnancy and Exercise

Is Exercise During Pregnancy Really That Important?
During a woman’s nine months of pregnancy, her caregiver will probably advise her to eat right and exercise. However, many women shrug off this advice because staying fit and eating right is a health recommendation for everyone. Is exercise during pregnancy really necessary, or is it something that can be neglected?

Exercise During Pregnancy
It was once believed that pregnancy was a time for women to rest, relax, and take it easy.  While pregnant women should still get plenty of rest, prenatal fitness is now highly recommended by doctors and midwives. It may be difficult for pregnant women to be extremely active, especially in the third trimester, but light exercise offers many benefits to both the mother and the baby.

Exercises That Are Safe During Pregnancy
Some studies suggest that exercising during pregnancy can shorten labor as well as help your body get back into shape after childbirth. But which exercises are suitable during pregnancy? Here are three of safest exercises to do while pregnant.

First Trimester Exercises
During the first trimester you can participate in almost any exercise that you normally would during pregnancy. You may find however that your constant fatigue and feelings of morning sickness tend to prevent you from exercising as much as you like. Make a point during your first trimester to stretch as often as possible, and go for walks when you can to clear your head and to improve your spirits.

Second Trimester Exercises
During your second trimester as your belly begins to show, you’ll find it a little more difficult to get around and do some of the things you are used to doing. Once you hit your second trimester, most practitioners will recommend you avoid any exercises that require that you lay flat on our back.

Third Trimester Exercise
During your third trimester you are likely to feel bulky, heavy and uncomfortable. You should reduce your exercise regimen at this point to a level that is comfortable for you. Many women find the best types of exercise during the last few months of pregnancy are walking, yoga, swimming and stretching. With the wide range of maternity wear online, you can find maternity swimwear that fits gently over your stomach and supports you around the waist.

Kegal Exercises During Your Pregnancy
You probably became familiar with Kegel exercises during your pregnancy. Kegel exercises are equally important after pregnancy to help restore the tone and strength of your vaginal wall.

Yoga for Pregnant Women
Yoga is not an exercise in the way most people think of exercise. It is a way of stretching your body into certain postures (and holding it there for 3-10 seconds), which are carefully orchestrated to massage and repair the different organs of the human body.

Exercising After Pregnancy
Generally most women can begin a formal exercise program within 6 weeks of giving birth, though this time frame might be slightly longer for some women, including those recovering from a C-section. Most women recovering from a C-section will be able to exercise after there incision has healed and their doctor has cleared them for exercise.

The Best Postpartum Exercise
Would you like to know the best exercises are after delivery? When it comes to post pregnancy weight loss, no two exercises are alike! In the time frame immediately after pregnancy, you will probably want to stick with light activities such as walking or flexibility training. Stretching will help keep your body limber and help the blood circulate through your body, causing you to feel more refreshed as the day goes by.

Jogging Strollers
For those mothers who live in an area where the weather is conducive to taking the little one outdoors or an indoor track is available, a jogging stroller could be the perfect ticket to getting back in shape.