During your third trimester you are likely to feel bulky, heavy and uncomfortable. You should reduce your exercise regimen at this point to a level that is comfortable for you. Many women find the best types of exercise during the last few months of pregnancy are walking, yoga, swimming and stretching. Swimming is in fact often considered one of the best exercises during pregnancy, and is a favorite among many women because it helps relieve some of the weight gain and back pain experienced during pregnancy.

Many women enjoy walking during the third trimester particularly during the last couple of weeks of pregnancy. Walking can sometimes help jump start labor for a woman who is near term. Keep in mind however that this doesn’t work for everyone. Many first time moms go 41-42 weeks before delivering. It certainly is fun trying however to facilitate labor, and the exercise will only help you feel more energetic and charged for the phenomenal task of birthing your child.

Things to Watch Out For

If at any time during exercise you experience any of the symptoms described below, you should stop exercising immediately and contact your physician. While it is important that you exercise when possible during pregnancy, some women decide against it due to the potential for health complications. There are many ways you can keep yourself safe and healthy during pregnancy even if you are not able to exercise. Be sure to talk with your doctor regarding your diet and other lifestyle habits to ensure that you are doing everything possible to support a safe and happy pregnancy.