Congratulations, you’re now officially halfway. If you’re feeling a bit anxious about your upcoming scan, remember that sex is a great stress reliever. It is perfectly safe during pregnancy unless you’ve been advised otherwise by your midwife or physician. If sex is the last thing on your mind, that’s fine too, cuddling can be just as intimate and rewarding.

When you are about to take that all important ultrasound, be reassured that it is a safe and painless test that gives your doctor up-to-date advice on your developing baby. The technician will apply some gel to your tummy and place a handheld device where they think the baby is positioned. This is where you get to giggle, as your baby might be doing all sorts of acrobatics inside you! You’ll probably be asked to attend your scan with a full bladder, so your baby has less room to move about and hide. It can be a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get to see a much better image as a result.

Now is a good time to start reading about what to expect at the birth of your baby. It may also be useful to find out if any antenatal classes are being held near you.

These will keep you informed of up-to-date pain relief choices, describe facilities available at your local hospital, highlight special techniques for dealing with labour and help demonstrate the various changes your body is undertaking. It’s also a great excuse to make new friends.

Your baby’s sebaceous glands are now active and have made an oily coating which covers them in the womb. It’s their own special kind of swimsuit which keeps them protected from the amniotic fluid inside you. It also stops them from getting little lumps and bumps as they kick about. Your baby will now be around 16 cm in length and weigh around 11 oz.