The good news is that now your body is becoming accustomed to being pregnant, your nausea should have disappeared. The bad news is it may well be replaced by heartburn and indigestion. These can be managed by eating frequent, smaller meals and drinking a glass of milk whenever you feel that unpleasant burning sensation. Avoid spicy food, as it tends to aggravate heartburn.

Fainting and dizziness are also common at this stage of your pregnancy, as your body is working overtime. Make sure that wherever you go, you always carry a little snack with you and avoid standing for long periods at a time.

Vaginal discharge is usually a bit heavier during pregnancy and is nothing to be alarmed by. If it becomes much thicker or yellowish in colour, let your midwife or doctor know, as you may have thrush. They will inform you of the best treatment with which to tackle it.
Now might be a good time to think about your baby’s room. Try to envisage what colours appeal to you and think of what furniture would suit your nursery. Picking out decorations and crib bedding will be lots of fun, so why not book a shopping trip with some friends? You’ll need them in order to carry the bags.

Your baby is developing eyebrows and eyelashes this week. Their eyes are still fused closed and won’t open for a few weeks yet. They are beginning to learn how to swallow, as their digestive system has formed. If you’ve been feeling lots of little jerky movements in your tummy, chances are it’s probably a case of baby hiccups. Someone has been guzzling too much amniotic fluid! Your baby is now 18 cm in length and around 13 ½ oz in weight.