Other Health Issues

Pregnancy Backache
Anyone who has ever experienced persistent backache knows how painful it can be. Pregnancy, especially in the latter months is a time when backache may be present. Lower back pain is a common problem in pregnancy. It usually results from the strain of carrying the extra weight that is gained during pregnancy. The pain of backache associated with pregnancy is normally a dull ache in the lower back above the base of the spine rather than a sharp, jabbing type of pain.

Dental Care During Pregnancy
Expectant mothers should inform their dentist that they are pregnant immediately if they have any dental work scheduled. While most regular check ups and cleanings are usually safe to proceed with, some procedures and medications can be harmful to the fetus. Dental work should be avoided if possible particularly during the first trimester when the fetus is most vulnerable and risks are highest.

Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy
Evening primrose oil, or EPO, has long been connected with pregnancy, both as an aid in helping women become pregnant and as a way to induce labor and make childbirth more comfortable. Evening primrose oil is thought to be one of the oldest medicinal plants related to pregnancy and childbirth, and many natural health practitioners swear by it and tout its effectiveness.

Raspberry Leaf Tea During Pregnancy
Throughout history, women have searched for natural methods that would make labor and childbirth less difficult. Raspberry leaf tea has been used by pregnant women for centuries to tone and strengthen the uterus. This can help make labor more efficient and possibly lessen the amount of time a woman is in labor. There have only been a few scientific studies on the effects of raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy, and the results were somewhat inconclusive as to whether or not the tea truly shortened the labor process. However, many midwives and mothers swear by raspberry leaf tea and would recommend it to any pregnant woman.

Natural Cleaning Tips For Pregnant Women
During pregnancy, your unborn baby has a heightened sensitivity to everything you are exposed to during the day. While many pregnant women are aware of the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy, many have not been informed of the effects common household chemicals can have on their unborn babies. Many chemical cleaning solutions have not been proven to directly cause birth defects and pregnancy complications, but most of them have not even been tested for these things.

Tips For Sleeping During Pregnancy
There are many things that may get in the way of a good night’s sleep when you are pregnant. Vivid dreams, shortness of breath, constant urination, increased heart rate and many other symptoms of pregnancy might just keep you from getting the shut eye that you so desperately yearn for when you are carrying a child. If this is happening to you, don’t get too frustrated. There are various steps you can take to increase the possibility of a good nights sleep while you are pregnant.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy
Pregnancy can leave many women with the lasting effects of unsightly stretch marks. Some women get them; some don’t. Stretch marks may be present after the first pregnancy while other women can give birth more than once without the presence of stretch marks appearing on their skin. Why is that and what causes those dreaded stretch marks?

Article on Airline Travel For The Pregnant Woman
Policies differ from airline to airline, but most airlines will not allow women who have been carrying for over 36 weeks to ride on their planes due to the risks.

The RH Factor in Pregnancy
Although problems are less likely to occur in pregnancy these days thanks to advancements made in the medical community, we should still be aware of conditions that can occur. One such condition that may appear in pregnancy is incompatibility of the Rh factor. Along with the blood group (type A, B, O, AB) each individual has a negative or positive Rh factor. If the woman’s Rh factor is negative and the father’s is positive this equals a problem for the fetus.