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Labour and Delivery

Labor and Delivery

During the last month of pregnancy you may begin to experience a little more discomfort due to the position and movements of the baby. Sitting and rising can be more difficult. Sleeping may be more uncomfortable. There is more pressure on the bladder and strain…

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Kegel exercises during pregnancy

Kegal Exercises During Your Pregnancy

You probably became familiar with Kegel exercises during your pregnancy. Kegel exercises are equally important after pregnancy to help restore the tone and strength of your vaginal wall. Kegel exercises help strengthen your pelvic muscles, which weaken during childbirth. Why would you want to strengthen…

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Planning a healthy pregnancy

Planning A Healthy Pregnancy

Looking for healthy lifestyle pregnancy information? Here are some steps for planning a pregnancy with your healthy lifestyle in mind. The most important step in planning for a healthy pregnancy is getting you healthy. This means quitting use of tobacco products, illegal drugs and alcohol.…

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Caffeine and pregnancy

Caffeine And Pregnancy

Most physicians will generally recommend that you avoid caffeine as much as possible during your pregnancy. One reason is that caffeine is a known diuretic, which cause you to pass fluids from your body, and can leave you dehydrated. Drinking too much caffeine can also…

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Breastfeeding 101

Many times new mothers fail at breastfeeding because everyone around them makes it seem so complicated. They have little experience with babies and nobody instills confidence in them. Some will tell them it’s a big sacrifice, painful and difficult. Others will hint that everyone should…

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