A woman’s body is a fascinating element of nature, never more so than when new life is growing inside. Pregnancy is an experience without comparison that only a mother who has felt life growing within her can fully comprehend.

The first time you feel your baby move, you will sense that there is a higher power. Such a miracle could be the result of nothing less. You will giggle when you feel your baby hiccupping, but you’ll also once again feel that pregnancy is truly a miracle.

Pregnancy gives you a chance to love another person before you even know what that person looks like, before you meet him, before you touch her. There is no more selfless love than that of a mother for her baby.

When you hear your baby’s heartbeat, or see him or her on the ultrasound, you will be overwhelmed. There is nothing else in this world like it. The best part is it is just as exciting with your next baby and every additional child.

You’ll also notice other people treating you differently as your pregnancy begins to show. They are much more gentle and sensitive, in awe of someone that can bring a new life into this world. People may even ask to touch your belly. Even if they can feel your baby moving, it is not the same as feeling life moving inside your own body. Mothers alone are blessed with this special joy.

Even if you don’t always feel your best, try to relish as many moments of your pregnancy as possible. It’s over all too soon, and you’ll find yourself resting your hands on your tummy, wishing you could feel that movement one more time. Just about the time your eyes get misty, your new baby will call you. You’ll be rewarded with the even greater joy of holding your baby in your arms.