Your Baby

By the end of the third month of pregnancy, your baby will be a tiny but complete version of a human being. Those tiny fingers and toes now have soft nails, and your baby’s bones have begun to harden. Your baby’s eyes and ears are forming, too. During the third month of pregnancy, your baby’s digestive system is forming and becoming functional. At this time, your baby has begun to make fluttering movements inside of you, though it will be a few weeks before you will feel it. Your baby also makes faces and breathing movements starting around the third month of pregnancy. By this time, your baby has developed the genitalia of either a boy or a girl, but you won’t be able to find out what the baby is yet, unless you have genetic screening. At the end of the third month, your baby will be between three and four inches long, and will weigh a little more than an ounce.

Your Body

The third month of pregnancy is the final month of the first trimester. Many women find that pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness and fatigue fade away after the third month of pregnancy, but until then you still may experience frequent queasiness and lethargy. Frequent trips to the bathroom will become more common as the weeks go by. Cravings and distaste for particular foods can also become more pronounced during the third month of pregnancy. During this month, you may notice that you develop an increased appetite. Try to fill up on healthy foods so both you and your baby can thrive. During the third month, you may even begin to notice your belly becoming a little more pronounced.

Your Emotions

Moodiness is still common during the third month of pregnancy. While mixed emotions may still be present for many women during this time, by the end of the first trimester, many women also feel a sense of acceptance and happiness about their pregnancy. Frustration is still a common emotion, however, if you are constantly tired and having trouble keeping your breakfast down.