Exercise During Pregnancy

Many people will tell you that exercising during pregnancy is not a good idea, especially if you did not exercise regularly before becoming pregnant. The fact is that pregnant women should exercise and stay fit but they must proceed with care. It is best to discuss exercise routines with your healthcare provider, but low impact exercise is generally good for mother and baby alike, and being fit tends to make labor and delivery easier.

Determining Your Baby’s Gender

Some people will tell you that carrying a baby low means that it is a boy and that carrying high means it is a girl. This is not true. Most women carry differently depending on their fitness level as well as the size and position of the baby. One woman may carry differently during each pregnancy, even if her children are all the same gender.

Another myth is that gender can be determined by counting the baby’s heartbeats. It is said that if the heart rate is 140 or above, the baby is a girl and anything below 140 indicates a boy. The truth is that most babies’ heart rates range between 120 and 160, and can change from one week to the next.

The best way to determine the gender of your baby is to have an ultrasound, although ultrasound is not always accurate either. It depends on the baby’s position and whether or not there is a clear and well-developed view of the baby’s genitalia.

Pregnancy Tests

Some people misunderstand the term “the rabbit died.” The rabbit did not die after being injected with a woman’s urine, thus proving she was pregnant. The rabbit had to die to find out if she were pregnant because its ovaries were needed to make the determination. While it was not a foolproof test, changes in the female rabbit’s ovaries due to pregnancy hormones found in the woman’s urine were usually a good indicator of pregnancy.

Today’s over the counter pregnancy tests are very reliable and easy to read. If you think you might be pregnant, using an over the counter pregnancy test is a good idea. If you receive positive results, make an appointment with your healthcare provider.