Don’t be surprised if your other children are not as excited about your pregnancy as you are. Some children find it very exciting, while others might find it a little bit scary. They may worry that Mom won’t love them as much or have as much time for them when the new baby comes.

Sit down with your children and explain to them that nothing could make you love them less. Tell them you have plenty of love to go around. Also, be honest about the fact that you won’t have as much free time, especially in the first weeks after baby comes home. Make sure your children know that babies require a lot of care, but that you will make time for them whenever you can.

Ask if they would like to help you take care of the new baby. Many children will be more accepting if they feel included. Tell them you would love to have their help, and that being involved in the baby’s care will help their new little brother or sister get to know them and feel close to them.

Let your children know that they should always come to you with questions or concerns. Since having a new baby affects the entire family, let your kids know that you understand that it affects them too. Ask them how they feel about it, and try to talk through those feelings.

As long as your children don’t feel left out or neglected, they will begin to accept the idea of having a new sibling. After a while, they too may start to feel the excitement. Just give them time to adjust and reassure them from time to time.