The last few weeks of pregnancy are very exciting. Your baby will be here soon! Unfortunately, for many moms to be, the last few weeks seem like an eternity. We can hardly wait to see our little bundle of joy.

If you’re in the last weeks of pregnancy, try to be patient. Slow down and enjoy every movement your baby makes. Take this opportunity to get plenty of sleep and to get ready for baby. There is a lot to do.

Start by making sure you have everything you need for baby, for you, and also stock up on simple to prepare foods for yourself or your family.

If you haven’t packed your bag for the hospital and a bag for baby, now is a good time to do so. For yourself, pack comfy clothing like sweats or other loose fitting items. Bring socks or slippers to keep your feet warm. You should also bring along a nightgown, if you don’t want to be seen in a hospital gown when people come to visit you and your baby. Pack toiletries, a hairbrush, and your make up bag too. It is a good idea to leave your bag near the front door or keep it in your car, as you get closer to your due date.

In baby’s bag, pack clothing appropriate for the weather. Babies of course, need to be kept warm soon after birth, so bring at least a few receiving blankets and a heavier blanket if the weather requires one. Don’t forget a jacket, snowsuit, or hat if it is very cold. It’s a good idea to pack diapers and wipes as well. You will be supplied with some at the hospital, but you may need more on the way home. Pack a bottle and some instant formula too, just in case, if you are not nursing your baby.

You should also put baby’s car seat in your car now. You won’t be allowed to take your baby home from the hospital without an appropriate car seat. If you don’t have one or cannot afford one, ask your doctor or nurse if the hospital has a program that provides or loans car seats. Many hospitals do.

Now that you have everything ready for your baby’s birth, sit back and relax until he or she is ready to make an appearance.